I'm Randy Mouri and this blog is about my quest to be an official finisher in the Race Across AMerica (RAAM), the toughest endurance race in the world. It's over and I became an official solo finisher in 11 days, 1 hour and 13 minutes! We continue to raise money and awareness on behalf of Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia (Habitat NoVa). If you would like to make a donation to Habitat NoVa, please visit my page on Habitat’s site. Endless thanks to our sponsors and all the folks that have made such generous contributions. Team Mouri would not have been able to travel so comfortably, which certainly may have changed the outcome of the race.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday AM Cup o' Randy

Title cribbed from, and report from, Earl (Thanks Earl!)

The TS referred to below are 37, Effingham, IL, and 38, Sullivan, IN. States keep clicking by.

That was a nice night's sleep.

Randy rode 2 time stations after a rest following the crossing of the Mississippi River. He rode well, strong, and quick. His social personality is continually coming out. Some are treating this as a race, he is treating it more like a brevet. Reportedly he had a good time with a 4 person team last night. When they changed riders, he would stop to talk to the rider that just finished his leg. Then he would catch up to the team rider, and continue the process.


Kenny l said...

Good Morning Randy & Crew. Glad to see from last post Randy is spreading his good cheer around, too cool. Keep having fun and drinking in the experience for all it's worth!

Greg Conderacci said...

Randy -- It's your great attitude and energy coming through. Fortunately, after all those years of riding with me, you don't care if an Italian or two beats you! That's good conditioning!

Annapolis is just around the corner now, you got it in the bag. Go! Go! GO!

Cheers, Greg

len zawodniak said...

Morning Team! dont ya just love those "little" eastern states? RAAM is just as much mental as physical. Thanks crew for keeping Randys spirits up. There is no doubt that who you are shines though everything you do. Keep it up !!

Dave G said...

Way to go Randy. Keep it up. Watch out for Edgar in the tub.

Dave G

Sarah C. said...

Yes the eastern states just click by, compared to the vast hot, icy cold, desert and mountain west. What a variety of terrain, temperature, and weather conditions you and your crew have experienced on this ride. The scenery along Highway 160 through Utah and Colorado was amazing, hope you saw some of it in daylight. Keep on trucking, WVa is ahead with the last "little ups" then you will be cruising down to the Atlantic coast and home.

DR. ART said...

Randy and Crew,

How is the butt?
How's the weight? Calories per day? Liters of water per day?

Dr Art

DR. ART said...

Randy and Crew,

More data? How hot and windy?

Despite all of these data questions I wonder how the 'social personality coming out ' manifests. I've seen him with and without too much beer. But too little sleep it could be ugly but in his case he's probably just 'cute'. With too little sleep I fear he'll capture the baton again.

Ride and drive well

Dr. Art and Danille

Greg Conderacci said...

Randy -- Just a 1200K left! Piece of cake! You're making this look WAY too easy, chum.

Keep crankin'!

Bob Sheldon said...

Congrats Randy amazing ride and crew. Keep smiling and encouraging other riders, a true Randonneur. Finally contributed to Habitat for Humanity.

LAH said...

@ Dr. Art The best medical data I have are in the Medical Reports in the Blog. Earlier reports address some of the questions, but did not include (AFAIR) numbers. If I know Doc Al, He has those numbers written down, but will not share w/out Randy's express permission (i.e. HIPAA release).

Linda said...

Go Randy!!! Less than a PBP left.

Tom Raymond said...

Go Randy Go!!!! Great to hear that you are buzzing through to MD! Boy, do I wish I could be somewhere along the road in MD to cheer you on. Maybe next year when you ride the RAAM! The best Randy, your friend Tom.

Jeff said...

Randy: we continue to monitor your progress with amazement and encouragement and such pride in you and what you have achieved - and your whole team. Can't wait to hear that you got to Annapolis. Keep us posted

MG said...

Right on, Randy and crew!!! What a journey... you all are making it happen!

Beverley said...

Hey Randy, quit arsing around and ride!! Just teasing. Take every opportunity to savor the moment. You've earned it.

See you at the finish line,

Jane said...

Tommy just created his own McGiver -- he thinks the crew should shower by taking a plastic grocery bag and filling it with water, poke holes in it and use that as a shower.

Keep going Randy -- and thank you Crew. Woo Hoo -- ride, ride, ride!!