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Saturday, June 11, 2011

But that's not all...

Earlier we told you about the challenges the desert will present in terms of heat and hydration. But that's not all... The desert also presents other, obvious and not-so-obvious, challenges. Here's more from Al on the desert:

"The other desert issues are sunburn (obvious), and problems with dried sweat/salt (not-so-obvious). Dried sweat/salt in riding garments can cause significant skin damage. Any readers that have raced Ironman distances, or even shorter distances have seen the skin damage that can occur due to the abrasive effect of this salt in just 6-12 hrs. This skin damage typically occurs along arm and neck seams, waistband edges, and the like.. Changing Randy’s clothes regularly, rinsing off accumulated salt, and use of lubricants will help to minimize problems from this source."

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