I'm Randy Mouri and this blog is about my quest to be an official finisher in the Race Across AMerica (RAAM), the toughest endurance race in the world. It's over and I became an official solo finisher in 11 days, 1 hour and 13 minutes! We continue to raise money and awareness on behalf of Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia (Habitat NoVa). If you would like to make a donation to Habitat NoVa, please visit my page on Habitat’s site. Endless thanks to our sponsors and all the folks that have made such generous contributions. Team Mouri would not have been able to travel so comfortably, which certainly may have changed the outcome of the race.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Several months have past, since my last post and I thought this long weekend would serve me well to get things back on track (including my mileage).

First of all, both the blog site and my appearance are going through a transition phase.  The blog site is being altered for ease of reading and to make room for sponsors.  And I'm letting my hair down (literally), by letting it grow to a length of not less than 18 inches.  Once it reaches that length, I will cut it all off and donate it to "Locks of Love."  You can click on the link to learn more about the organization.
Short and long hair Randy.

Currently, I'm working on rebuilding my base mileage through weekend century rides organized and led by Chuck Wood and Christa Borras.  They have wonderful and challenging routes and it's so easy to join in on a ride.  Just check out their blog site http://dccenturyrides.blogspot.com/.  If you follow their blog, you'll be sent ride descriptions each Thursday, at which time cue sheets and gps coordinates of the weekend rides will be available for download.  A very fun group of folks.

I missed out on riding the Adirondack 540 and the Saratoga 24 hour events.  Just not enough time in the saddle.  My next scheduled event isn't until February.  The Sebring 24 hour Challenge in Sebring, Florida.  I hate riding in the winter cold and usually work on my eating skills, gaining anywhere from 10-20 pounds between the months of November through mid March.  This year will have to be different..and I plan on loving every minute of it!!!

One step at a time and we'll see how it goes.