I'm Randy Mouri and this blog is about my quest to be an official finisher in the Race Across AMerica (RAAM), the toughest endurance race in the world. It's over and I became an official solo finisher in 11 days, 1 hour and 13 minutes! We continue to raise money and awareness on behalf of Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia (Habitat NoVa). If you would like to make a donation to Habitat NoVa, please visit my page on Habitat’s site. Endless thanks to our sponsors and all the folks that have made such generous contributions. Team Mouri would not have been able to travel so comfortably, which certainly may have changed the outcome of the race.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fender Bender Friday

This post is stitched together from email and texts I got from the crew today.

If it can happen it has happened. No injuries, in fact no one in the "safely" parked car. Now the Follow Vand has scars to go with the miles...

Duct tape bandage and good to go!


"Yesterday, Thursday, was a hard day for Randy. He got into Oxford Ohio after 1 am. If we get off before 5 I will be surprised. There is a mist in the air.

The goal for the day is Grafton, WV.

He sounds better than yesterday morning, with more energy. We are hoping Randy digs deep Right now, a Sunday arrival is looking most likely."

"We got off at 5 am exactly!"

"Randy rolled into Time Station 42 at about 8:20 and lingered a lot longer than we wanted him to. He and the other solo riders we encounter are very tired. We are once again trying to find the right combination of rest, nutrition, & hydration to keep him going.

Even though he is tired, he is in good spirits."

"He's looking good w/smooth cadence, but he's tired. Doing his best to stay awake and alert. Stopped at TS 42 for some hot cocoa and a Starbuck's double shot super duper caffeine beverage. The TS volunteers are amazing! Captain Amy and John McFaddin of Blanchester, OH are covering two TSs. Their family is there and are providing wonderful support to the riders and crew! Can't thank them and all the volunteers enough. They are doing a terrific job. Tim and I are on support and are helping out with some tricky turns this morning. We left TS 42 at 0900. We're geting.there!


Beverley said...

Just keep those pedals turning, Randy. You're almost there!!! (Sorry--I know how annoying it is when people say that. But considering where you started, it's TRUE!)

Stay safe over this last bit. Sending lots of positive energy your way,

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Randy and crew. Wake up for now because plenty of sleep awaits you after the finish line.
Your dream of RAAM will be a reality... then for sure you can have sweet dreams of next year. Hehehehe!

Dave Meridith said...

Egg McMuffins, man. Egg McMuffins! You are tired, you are worn out, but you are tough and you are going to make it! Keep the pedals turning and remember every minute off the bike is a minute not moving toward the goal! I believe in you!
Dave Meridith

Mike Wali said...

Keep it up Randy. Waiting to see you at the TS in mt airy...almost there!

Anonymous said...

Come on Randy - Finish Up!

I can't imagine how deep you must be digging but I know you can do it.

Soon you won't remember how bad you hurt. I imagine it might be like giving birth - "birth amnesia" they call it. If women could remember how bad it hurt, they would never have additional children.

Get'ur done! Lisa