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Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 16; Photo reminder

Many of you may not know that there are photos available for viewing through the following link: 2010 Elite PAC Tour

All of the photos were taken by me on and off the bike. The only day that I did not take photos was today. I thought I needed to focus on my saddle issues and not worry about anything else. As it turns out I was able to manage through the day with better comfort than I had the previous day. I have 3 more days to go and figure that I could ride them out standing, if need be.
We'll be in Elkins, WV tomorrow evening and onto Orange, VA the following. We've been informed that if there are any interested parties that would like to bike in with us on the final day (Orange to Williamsburg) that they are welcome. Unfortunately it is a Thursday, so I know that would be difficult for most. Just let me know, so I can inform the staff. If you prefer a shorter route, you can meet us at the lunch stop, which is scheduled at mile 88.7, at the Bethlehem Community Center (.8 miles past the Bethlehem Church) on 606 (E of Ashland).

So far this has been a wonderful journey. A fabulous way to see and bike across the country. I would recommend being in a little bit better shape than I was going into an event like this, but it is certainly achievable by all of the people I know. The PAC Tour crew is top notch! They really work hard to keep you comfortable and to make sure that you have everything that you need to have a successful tour. All you have to do is bike, eat and sleep for 19 straight days (or for however many days you sign up for). Details of all this will follow when I'm home.

Rob and I rode the last couple of days together steady and strong. For a guy 9 years my senior, he's really an amazing athlete/cyclist. We'll be hitting the hills tomorrow, so the field will be stretched out all over the place. Right now I better hit the sack, as 5am will be here before I know it. There's a 22 year old that everyone will be trying to keep up with.

See most of you soon!!!

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