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Monday, May 10, 2010


I met with Doug Baumgarten of SportFit Lab on Friday, 5/7 to have my body composition tested on the InBody 230.  Here is a brief description of what this device does:

BioSpace InBody Analyzer     We use the InBody 230 bio-impedance analyzer to precisely measure body fat, lean muscle, intracellular water, and extracellular water content.  After years of relying on skinfold calipers, which provide limited data for athletes [and rely on age-based population estimates], we have invested in the latest bio-impedance technology.
     Traditional bio-impedance machines - such as scales you can buy for your home - use only one electrical frequency and two contact points (the feet) to estimate body fat.  Therefore, they must rely on age-, gender-, and activity-based equations to guesstimate the percentage of body fat.  Moreover, they can ONLY estimate body fat and total lean (non-fat) mass - which provides limited information, to say the least.
     InBody utilizes EIGHT separate contact points and two electrical frequencies.  With this technology, we can get DIRECT accurate measurements of body fat, lean muscle, intra- and extra-cellular water - with no "allowances" or fudging for age, gender, or activity level.  Not only does the InBody track your body fat, hydration status, and lean muscle - it does so in 5 SEPARATE BODY SEGMENTS!  The InBody analyzes each arm and leg, as well as the trunk, separately - to determine the precise body composition of each body segment.

The Body Composition Test provides valuable readings for that individual looking to start a weight loss program, the novice athlete that is looking for a benchmark from which to begin a training program, or the more experience athlete that is looking to fine tune their training based on a number of progressive readings (i.e. sweat rate, muscular development or reduction, percent body fat reduction, etc.)

The Body Composition Test detected a right leg length discrepancy (information not shared with Doug prior to the test).  I don't have a great deal of experience with this form of testing, but it was a quick and simple test that gave accurate results.  I was amazed that it picked up on my slight leg length discrepancy by indicating a slightly less lean muscle mass in that leg.  Unfortunately, it did show that I had 14.6% body fat.  A good indication that my training had a long way to go.
Going into the transcontinental tour, I wanted to make sure that I was well hydrated at the cellular level.  The readings indicate good hydration levels with my intracellular levels higher than my extracellular levels, though through extended conversations with highly respected doctors I've learned that these numbers can change drastically and quickly, during exercise and recovery.  The body's goal is to find equilibrium between the two.

My basal metabolic rate (BMR - the minimal number of kcal required to sustain one's weight at a resting state) was 1564 kcal or approximately 2 pints of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey.  I was hoping that this would be higher, but explains my horrible weight gain in the winter months.

For $25 per test for Sport and Health Members (with a 4 test package) I find this a great value for the information you receive.  Not everyone is into the numbers game, but if you're going to monitor progress you have to start taking some measurements and this is a relatively inexpensive start.  If you're interested in the test and want to chat about it, please feel free to contact me.

I will be testing again, after the transcontinental tour to reveal the changes in my body composition after riding over 3,000 miles in 19 days.  There will be a slight lag period between the completion of the event and my testing, but I will do my best to keep this to a minimum to try to get more accurate feedback on the effects of the ride. to re


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RAAM2011 said...

Thanks for posting. I need to change my settings so I get immediate updates, so this is a little delayed in responding. I will look into your product and perhaps you could be one of my sponsors when I race again in the 60+ age division. -cheers!