I'm Randy Mouri and this blog is about my quest to be an official finisher in the Race Across AMerica (RAAM), the toughest endurance race in the world. It's over and I became an official solo finisher in 11 days, 1 hour and 13 minutes! We continue to raise money and awareness on behalf of Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia (Habitat NoVa). If you would like to make a donation to Habitat NoVa, please visit my page on Habitat’s site. Endless thanks to our sponsors and all the folks that have made such generous contributions. Team Mouri would not have been able to travel so comfortably, which certainly may have changed the outcome of the race.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


What a beautiful day today. We had record lows upon arrival and experienced record highs prior to departure. Over a 50 degree swing in temperatures, which adds to the excitement of it all. Susie tells a better story, so I'll just post a few pictures and let you read on.

My recovery tray.

Pat Seely, Jon Batek, me, Rob Welsh, Andrew Puddy and Susie. 

Here's Susie pulling us through the home stretch.
Susie's Day 6: Yeehaw! 81 miles, baby! I rode with three knights in shining armor today: Randy, Jon and Rob. All three completed the Elite PAC Tour in 2010 -- 3,000 miles across the country in 19 days. You all know Randy is a total stud on the bike, but so are Jon and Rob. They pulled my sorry ass the whole way today and I couldn't have been more grateful. They were very kind and patient with me, and I couldn't have made it to Tucson without them. Well, I could have, but I'd still be out there! We averaged 18.5 mph with some nasty, long climbs. Every time we'd climb, they would say, "That's the last big climb, Jake. It's all downhill from here." Then I'd look ahead and see another hill. Poopyheads! "Oh sorry. Forgot about that climb. Seriously, this is the last one." Other than my cycling partners lying to me, it was a great ride with mostly favorable winds. No tummy issues today and my legs felt pretty good, with the help of my magic pills again. The funny thing is, when we pulled in to the parking lot, all I wanted to do was yell with joy, make a big deal, dance around a bit. But there was so much activity -- the support crew taking care of cyclists' need, cyclists tearing their bikes down and finding their luggage. No one really seemed to notice when anyone arrived. And when I mentioned to a few people that it's the farthest I've ridden in seven years and I've never ridden four days in a row in my life, they just sorta looked at me -- "Yeah, so what?" We pulled in, found our bike boxes and our luggage, and tore the bikes down to get shipped home. We met up with Rob, Jon, Bill and Steve for dinner at Chilis. Don't judge me -- it was the best we could do on short notice. The whole week was quite an adventure! To begin the week with record low temps and end with record high temps is just plain wonky. And what a great group of people. Lon and Susan really do a great job and it was very cool being in their presence. They are legends in the sport and I learned a lot this week. Not sure if I'll attend another PAC Tour in the future, but perhaps after the pain in my everything heals up, I may consider it.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Susie's story pretty sums up the day, so I won't elaborate. One of my highlights was briefly riding with Bob Stapleton, former HTC Columbia owner.  Bob spoke last evening and showed a movie on the behind the scenes of the Tour de France from 2009. He came out to ride with a few former coworkers. They appeared to be having a great time!

Susie, me and Bob Stapleton
Lon, me, Susan, and Susie on top of Mule Pass.

Susie's Blizzard post-ride treat!
Susie's Day 5: 70 miles today. Hooray! That's the farthest I've ridden since 2005. It hurt, I bitched a fair amount, my body aches but I finished and I got my Blizzard treat, so it's all good. A lot of climbing today, but we took frequent breaks. After a three-mile climb and a nice decent, we stopped at the Bisbee Cafe for a smoothie. A few other riders from the group joined us, which was nice. By the time we got to Tombstone, I was really feeling the fast pace we were keeping. Randy is classic for telling me and everyone around us,"Oh we're going to ride real easy, you know, take our time, enjoy the scenery and get there when we get there." We head out and within five minutes, my speedometer reads 23 mph. Scenery my ass. All I can see is the white line on the road and Randy's back tire about six inches away from my front tire. Just trying to hang on to catch the draft. If I lose my concentration, I lose him and then I'm screwed. Beautiful day, warm and sunny. We enjoyed a lovely dinner at IHop and peanut butter cookies for desert. Eating and cycling, that's about it!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Today's ride took us out through Ft Huachuca with a lot of rolling hills. It reminded me a lot of Back Rd, which runs parallel to route 11 (back in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley).  Though the accumulative climbing wasn't that impressive, it was hard work.

Susie working one of the short climbs out of the fort.

The peloton.
We would work our way back to Sonoita for lunch and return back along the same route as day one.  Susie has been riding stronger as the week rolls on.

Susie's Day 4: What a great day! The weather was gorgeous and with the help of magic pills called Sport Legs, I had energy to go 70 miles today. I had some minor tummy issues after lunch and I think it's because I don't normally eat a big ol' meal during a ride. Yesterday was a honkin' plate of spaghetti and turkey meatballs. It was delicious, but it sat like a lead balloon. And today was yummy grilled cheese, but within minutes of leaving the lunch spot, I was getting cramps. The road back to Sierra Vista was gently rolling and with me drafting off Randy, we were making good time. It felt great, but I wish my tummy felt better. I've decided to go with my usual bike food fare of Clif Shot Blocks and Nuun tablets that I put in the carbohydrate  drink. We stopped at Sun 'n Spokes, a cool bike shop near our hotel on the way home and I got what I needed to get me through the last two days. Bike shop, DQ for a blizzard and then a yummy dinner with friends at Vinny's pizza across the street. I've met the nicest people here -- everyone is so supportive and friendly. Looking forward to tomorrow -- I may actually be able to start the ride without toe warmers, jacket and skull cap!! Yeah! Sunscreen tomorrow, baby!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I realize this is a vacation and enjoying some of the small towns that we are riding through makes it more enjoyable.  So our option for the day was to ride out to Bisbee and enjoy the town. We'd bypass riding out to Tombstone, since Sharon Stone wasn't shooting Tombstone 2 today.

Heading out of SV.  Front to back (Jon B., Susie and Rob W)

Departing company with Jon.  Bisbee is just over the mountains in the background.
It was a nice ride out to Bisbee.  We had breakfast at the Bisbee Breakfast Club and when I asked why they weren't tuned into the BBC on the radio I was given a strange look.  Oh well...

Rob and Susie outside of the Bisbee Breakfast Club.

We also hit the Bisbee Coffee House and the Bisbee Bike Shop and Brothel.  Need I explain more? A great day of riding and entertainment.

Ken Wallace's bike shop and brothel. One could spend an entire day in here.

Susie's Day 3: What a beautiful day! The start was a bit on the chilly side -- 35 degrees -- but it was sunny and not too much wind. We headed out with Rob leading the way and for me? We were cruising! Bisbee was a quaint little town with a lot of character. I got a cool hat and funky necklace at the bike shop. Then we climbed and climbed and climbed and I gasped and gasped and gasped. But I made it to the top -- 6,000 feet elevation. We finished up with a very fast pace into Sierra Vista. Faster than what I would have ridden, but you know -- riding with the boys and testosterone. Always super fun. I was very pleased to have finished the 60 miles and even more pleased to have been treated to a Reese's and Snickers DQ Blizzard upon our return to the hotel! Yum!

Weather grows increasingly warmer and staying dry.  It's going to feel like we're in Arizona soon.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 2 -- Sierra Vista to Tombstone

The morning forecast called for a 10% chance of ugly weather and would progressively get worst (an 80% chance of more of the same).  Rob Welsh, my roommate during the Elite PAC Tour in 2010, and I teamed up and headed out for Tombstone.  The weather was cooperative until we left Tombstone. A snow blizzard was passing through. We had just picked up another rider, Vaune. She had trouble seeing as we rode out of town and decided to turn back and get sagged in. Rob and I pushed on and eventually the blizzard let up to just a spit and mist. We just rode steady back to the hotel and arrived just in time for lunch.  Rob and I had a nice trek and shared old stories of our Endless Mountains and Elite Tour rides together. A little damp, but a nice day.

Mandatory bike washing, so we don't track dirt through the hotel.
Susie's Day 2: I decided to chill -- Ha! Excuse the pun -- for the day. After Randy returned from his excursion to Tombstone, we took a cab to do some shopping for warmer clothes. The weather dudes are calling for record lows tonight. Twenty-nine degrees so it'll be chilly willy at the start. We went to Sierra Cycles -- retail for motorcycles -- but they had what I needed: a balaclava, beenie, silk gloves and another pair of glove liners. I'll need it for at least the first three hours until it warms up a bit. We did some laundry, ordered a pizza and then met everyone else downstairs for a presentation from the owner of BikeTires.com.

Day 3 is supposed to be record cold temperatures.  Lon announced that the agenda would be pushed back 1 hour to allow temperatures to warm up a bit.  Starting temps should be mid to upper 30's, but DRY!!!!! Bring it on!