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Thursday, April 29, 2010


In a previous post, I mentioned the downfalls of the 3 hour commute (each way). In this post, I simply wanted to elaborate.

The majority of my RAAM 2011 training miles will be coming by way of work commuting (Fairfax, VA to Rockville, MD). My commute is approximately 50 miles each way and takes just over 3 hours. I have the alarm set for 3:15am, but usually wake before it goes off. I'll make my way to the "bike room" (we have a room designated for our bike equipment and clothes, so named it appropriately). I'll check the temperature outside and dress accordingly, always finishing off my outfit with reflective gear. I use generic reflective ankle bands and an Amphipod reflective vest. The Amphipod is adjustable to fit well and give good coverage in all directions. In heavy traffic, I add an extra flashing light to the back of the vest to really stand out. I top off my tires, grab my R2R bottles, eat a snack and head out the door by 3:45-4am.  Photos will follow in the future.

My inbound route is Stringfellow Road, Fairfax Co. Parkway, W&OD trail, Custis trail, over the Key Bridge, thru Georgetown, Wisconsin Ave, K St, Capital Crescent Trail, Connecticut Ave, Beach Dr, Rockville Pike, W. Gude Dr to Piccard Dr. If I have a mechanical before Connecticut, I'll stay on Beach Drive all the way to Garrett Park Road and pick up the Montgomery Co. Bike and Hike Trail to Southlawn Lane, E. Gude to Piccard. This keeps me off of Rockville Pike, which gains traffic later in the morning.

I'm at work by 7am. My building has no shower facilities, so it's a morning sink bath, quick rinse of the shorts and base layer, hang my laundry to dry for the commute home and at my desk by 7:30am with breakfast and coffee in hand. 9 1/2 hours later and my day is done (5pm). I actually change my clothes by 4:45pm and start to clean up my work area. Prior to my departure I will connect to Google Latitude, so my wife, Susie, can track me on my commute home for peace of mind.

My commute home is slightly different, due to the increased traffic at 5pm. I take W. Gude Drive, Research Blvd, Hurley Ave, Watts Branch Pkwy, Fallsmead Way, Great Falls Rd, River Rd, Persimmon Tree Rd, MacArthur Blvd, Capital Crescent Trail and I'm back on the reverse route home.

I'm home around 8pm. Susie gives me the option to eat or shower first. I almost always choose the shower first. She always has a mega plate prepared for me, which takes about 90 seconds to clean (I'm so horrible when it comes to eating, but I'm working on it). Trust me, I enjoy every second of it. I'm in bed between 9:30-10pm and the cycle will start over again.  My wife is my number 1 supporter.  I'll have a separate post on this subject alone.

In the early season I start off riding 1-2 times per week, which isn't too bad. It gives me time to bring fresh clothes into work, do some cross training on the off days and most of all get a bit of rest/sleep. As I approach a big event, I'll commute 4 days/week. I teach a spin class at the Rio Sport and Health on Monday mornings, which is considered my rest day, but most Sundays I will use as rest as well (if you consider yard work, etc. rest).

I've seen just about every species of wild life that the region has to offer, during my commute. Deer, rabbit and squirrel are the biggest dangers of my commute (besides cars and trucks) and then it's pedestrians without reflective gear in the early mornings.  Just this morning I saw a guy walking on the W&OD dressed as a vampire (4:45am - must have been a great party).  I directed my light on him, but he didn't burn.  Oh well!

So that's my commute. I wish I was dedicated to do it every day of the year, but life is all about balance and everyone has a different fulcrum point(which can be moved from time to time.) It all depends on how much weight you apply to the ends of the lever. Find your balance and enjoy!


Katie said...

Hi! That is great! My boyfriend, Matias, rides to work in DC from Reston and back a couple times a week. I track him on Google Lat too! What a great tool. You guys should hook up for a commute soon :) We move to Alexandria end of May so let me know and I can get you 2 in touch!

Matias said...

That's AWESOME! Google lat all the way. What a way to start the day! If my co workers think I'm crazy for a 22 miler into work, I can't imagine their reaction for 50X2!

RAAM2011 said...

You two rock. Matias, hope we can hook up soon! Best of luck to both of you in the upcoming season.