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Friday, January 21, 2011

...still no warm sunny photos

Currently, I'm riding at my mileage goal for the week (365 miles).  Though I am not following my daily schedule.  I fall behind each weekend and work hard through the week to catch up, then repeat the following weekend.  It's going to be the coldest temperature of the season this weekend.  I will have to force myself to get out there and ride, even if I have to break it up into sections.  The long, endurance miles are important.  We'll see what happens.

My last Sunday ride was nice and steady, though the route was very flat (under 4,000' of climbing).  The wind and overcast sky made the ride chilly.  I managed only 100 of my target 140 miles, so had to make up the miles through the week.

Only 144 days remain until the start of the Race Across America.  Training needs to tighten up.

If you're training out in the cold, make sure you bring a cell phone, cash and a credit card (and perhaps a small lighter).  If anything should happen you don't want to be stuck out on a country road in the cold without a means of rescue.

Cheers everyone and thanks for your support.

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