I'm Randy Mouri and this blog is about my quest to be an official finisher in the Race Across AMerica (RAAM), the toughest endurance race in the world. It's over and I became an official solo finisher in 11 days, 1 hour and 13 minutes! We continue to raise money and awareness on behalf of Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia (Habitat NoVa). If you would like to make a donation to Habitat NoVa, please visit my page on Habitat’s site. Endless thanks to our sponsors and all the folks that have made such generous contributions. Team Mouri would not have been able to travel so comfortably, which certainly may have changed the outcome of the race.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 2 -- Sierra Vista to Tombstone

The morning forecast called for a 10% chance of ugly weather and would progressively get worst (an 80% chance of more of the same).  Rob Welsh, my roommate during the Elite PAC Tour in 2010, and I teamed up and headed out for Tombstone.  The weather was cooperative until we left Tombstone. A snow blizzard was passing through. We had just picked up another rider, Vaune. She had trouble seeing as we rode out of town and decided to turn back and get sagged in. Rob and I pushed on and eventually the blizzard let up to just a spit and mist. We just rode steady back to the hotel and arrived just in time for lunch.  Rob and I had a nice trek and shared old stories of our Endless Mountains and Elite Tour rides together. A little damp, but a nice day.

Mandatory bike washing, so we don't track dirt through the hotel.
Susie's Day 2: I decided to chill -- Ha! Excuse the pun -- for the day. After Randy returned from his excursion to Tombstone, we took a cab to do some shopping for warmer clothes. The weather dudes are calling for record lows tonight. Twenty-nine degrees so it'll be chilly willy at the start. We went to Sierra Cycles -- retail for motorcycles -- but they had what I needed: a balaclava, beenie, silk gloves and another pair of glove liners. I'll need it for at least the first three hours until it warms up a bit. We did some laundry, ordered a pizza and then met everyone else downstairs for a presentation from the owner of BikeTires.com.

Day 3 is supposed to be record cold temperatures.  Lon announced that the agenda would be pushed back 1 hour to allow temperatures to warm up a bit.  Starting temps should be mid to upper 30's, but DRY!!!!! Bring it on!

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