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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Recovering...and wanted to give a quick shout out to Ms Rhea Gingrow

While passing through Littlestown, PA I had the honor of meeting a Ms Rhea Gingrow.  It just so happened that I needed a fuel stop right in front of her house.  I asked her permission to use her steps as my dining chair to which she obliged.  After a few spoons of my chicken noodle soup, I turned to ask Ms Gingrow if she would mind having her picture taken with me, to which she also obliged.

During our photo session we learned that Ms Gingrow recently lost her husband, Bill, of 63 years and simply enjoyed observing life from her porch.  At the moment she was waiting for her nephew to pick her up for a lunch date.  But she told us that we were welcome to stay as long as we wished.

I would later learn from her nephew, Terry Gingrow, that we were the talk of the afternoon.  Ms Rhea Gingrow was very interested in my quest to race across America and be an official finisher.   11 days, 1 hour and 13 minutes is what it took and I still had time to enjoy a pleasant conversation with a very special woman from Littlestown, PA.

We love you Ms Rhea!  Stay sweet and kind and take care of your back.  And keep cheering on the cyclists passing through Littlestown.  Hope to see you again!

Me and Ms Rhea Gingrow.  Photo by Mary Delaney.


Dave Meridith said...

Very cool, Randy!

RAAM2011 said...

She was a very sweet woman and I really think we brightened her day.

Patti Roper said...

How many miles/days into the race and you still have the wear-with-all to flirt with the cheerleaders on the side.... You're insatiable.