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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Behind the Scenes of RAAM training

What goes on behind the scenes of RAAM?  I don't think I can list everything, but will do my best.  Edgar and Susie are working on charitable funding and sponsorship.  Something that just doesn't come as easily as we initially anticipated.   Additionally, they are organizing crew meetings and laying out the plan for RAAM.   This involves assigning each crew member with duties for both follow and support.  They've created shifts and rotations, made appropriate reservations where needed, are determining the best means of transportation for equipment and crew members to Oceanside.  They are also creating lists of items for the support vehicles, emergency essentials, nutrition, clothing, supplies and everything else I can't think of.  Rich, Troy, Tim, Leo and Stephanie are also thinking of addressing the unknowns and helping out with sponsorship opportunities, learning the rules and familiarizing themselves with the route.  Connie, my massage therapist, is researching Shermer's Neck and other possible issues that may be experienced on the bike.  Al and Mary, of Rehab to Racing, are working on establishing medical guidelines and are assembling a medical kit for the race.  This team is working on researching how best to handle sleep deprivation and have also outlined a strength training routine to help combat Shermer's Neck.  I think that's all I have for now.  After the crew meeting next weekend, revisions will be made, lists supplemented and plans altered.  We have 3 months to figure it all out and will have several opportunities to test the work that has been put into planning thus far.

As far as the training...let's just call it an off week.  I dropped from 405 miles to 190.  A poor performance and I've dropped to 84% of my goal mileage (which was expected if the winter weather was less than accommodating).  I rode through the night last evening on the trainer.  Took a 2 hour nap, then road again to finish up my workout. This simulates riding sleep deprived as I prepare for Sebring as best I can.

I'll need to schedule another appointment with SportFit Lab to retest and check my fitness level.   Think an April test would be appropriate.

Cheers everyone and happy training!

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