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Saturday, July 24, 2010


My roommate, Rob, during the Elite PAC Tour was watching the Tour de France with his wife Nancy.  She turned and asked him if we rode as many miles in the Elite PAC Tour as the pros in the Tour de France.  He knew it was close, but had to check his data from his Garmin.  Below are his stats of the Tour de France (T) vs Elite PAC Tour (E):
Miles - 2,280(T) vs 3,040(E)                  33% more miles for ET
Days/Stages - 20(T) vs 19(E)                A wash
Rest Days - 2(T) vs 0(E)                       (OK maybe we had 1/2 of a rest day if you count the La Veta Pass day)
Miles/Day - 114(T) vs 160(E)                 No contest
Longest Day - 142(T) vs 220(E)            Not even close
Maximum speed - 50+(T) vs 50+(E)      Maybe the TdF guys were faster here, but they get paid to go fast downhill
Elevation - 80,000'?(T) vs 100,000'(E)  The TdF riders need to do Wolf Creek Pass and West Virginia.  Hors category+

Fun facts to share (thanks Rob)!  I did notice that he omitted the oveall average mph.  For sure the pros in the TdF dominate us with an average of 25+mph verses our 16-20mph (on bike avg).

Hope you all are enjoying the TT stage of the TdF.  It's been an exciting tour and inspiration to get out and ride.

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